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About the HFD Honor Guard


HFD Honor Guard at Memorial The Houston Fire Department, like most other departments, has always been rich with tradition.  We have always rallied around and paid respect to our Line of Duty Deaths (LODD). 

Where we have fallen short was honoring our retirees.  These members of our department that have completed their service to the citizens and gone on to enjoy hobbies, travel or take on another career.  Some have had disabling permanent injuries that have forced them to leave HFD before they were ready.

To the best of our knowledge, the HFD Honor Guard evolved from the Houston Fire Department American Veterans Post #74.  The HFD Am-Vet Post was formed in October 1985 by Roger Anderson.  Mayor Kathy Whitmire signed a proclamation later that year, formally recognizing the HFD Am-Vet Post as the official Honor Guard Unit for the Houston Fire Department.

The first function of the honor guard was to present colors at the Veterans National Cemetery in Houston on Veterans Day 1985.  The unit continued to perform  honor guard duties until 1992 when Fire Chief Eddie Corral reorganized the unit into the Houston Fire Department Honor Guard.

The HFD Honor Guard will perform at Line of Duty Deaths, Active Firefighter and Retiree funerals.  In addition, the guard will perform at numerous functions such as Cadet Graduations, Fire Station Grand Openings & Dedications, Fire Fest, Parades, Trail Blazers, Promotions Ceremonies and the Mayoral Inauguration.



Richard Horowitz     1992 – 1995
Terry Crawford    1995 – 2001
Joe Hays    2001 – 2005
Gary Gaffney    2005 – 2007
Timothy Neal    2007 - 2011
Warren Hooker 2011 - Present



Warren Hooker
Lary Batiste
Michael Smith
Charles Harper
Vicki Bewley



Michael Smith - President
Billy Lambert- Vice President
Melissa Ferrata - Treasurer
Carlos Pascualli - Recording Secretary
Vacant (Pending results of Special Election)- Trustee Position 1
Laura Saavadra - Trustee Postion 2
Lary Batiste - Trustee Position 3


The Uniform

Badges – the rank of Firefighter and Engineer Operator wear a numbered silver badge.  All officers wear an un-numbered gold badge, with a bugle or bugles where the number would be seen. 

HFD Honor Guard at Memorial in UniformHats – the rank of Firefighter and Engineer Operator wear a navy blue hat with a silver badge on the front.  All officers wear a white hat with a gold badge on the front; Chief officers wear an olive branch on the visor.

The Honor Guard members wear the same uniform, regardless of rank in the department.  Gold honor guard badge, white hat with a red band and specially designed honor guard shoulder epaulets, finished with a white chord on the left shoulder and white gloves.

Because of Houston’s hot and humid climate, HFD has not traditionally worn a dress jacket.  In 2000, the Valor Awards Committee designed a dress jacket and was made by Canterbury Uniforms out of Boston.  HFD members could purchase a coat a their own expense.  Payroll deduction was allowed in 5 equal payments. 

With collective bargaining approved in 2004, and the first contract ratified in 2006, a clothing allowance was one of the benefits gained, allowing a member 250.00 a year in clothing needs.  Members were allowed to roll-over any unused portion to purchase a dress jacket.  The dress jacket is now under city contract with Lion Group, the same provider of the firefighter protective clothing and the clothing allowance is at 300.00 a year.

With over 50% of the HFD members having purchase a dress jacket with their own money, we now wear dress jackets to most indoor functions and all LODDs regardless of the weather.  Honor Guard members do not get any additional uniform allowance money.  The honor guard does fall under the guidance of Emergency Operations and they will fund purchases when funds are available to maintain things like flags, flag poles, flag stands and basic uniform needs.



HFD Honor Guard Funeral Coach

A 1997 Seagrave "Funeral Coach" was dedicated at the Annual Houston Firefighters' Memorial Service on March 20, 2010. The Funeral Coach, originally "Engine 63" was completely renovated by what was then the HFD Fleet Management Team.


HFD Honor Guard

The Houston Fire Department Honor Guard Suburban