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Houston Fire Department Honor Guard Memorials

In the early years, most of HFD LODDs were due to horse drawn vehicle accidents that later became motor vehicle accidents.  HFD has a strong and proud tradition of being an aggressive interior department.  This has resulted in many saves of civilian lives, that otherwise would have resulted in fatalities.  Unfortunately, starting in 1989, HFD has had a bad string of LODDs involving interior firefighting operations.

HFD Honor Guard at 2013 Houston Firefighters Memorial Ceremony
HFD has an annual memorial service in March of each year, to honor our Line of Duty Deaths.  Conducted at the Houston Firefighters' Memorial Garden and Conference Center on the grounds of the Firefighter Pension Facility, the Honor Guard and Public Affairs Office work together to pay tribute.  This service is open to the public. For the next ceremony date see the Events Page >>>
National Firefighters Memorial

On the national level, there are two services held in the fall.  In September, the International Association of Firefighters holds its service in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This service is reserved for the over 260,000 union members in the United States and Canada.  This service is open to the public.  In October, the National Fire Academy hosts its annual memorial for any American firefighter, career or volunteer, union or non-union.  This service is held in Emmitsburg, Maryland and is also open to the public.  Each organization has a “Wall of Honor” that will forever memorialize the firefighters that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

For the next ceremony dates see the Events Page >>>