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Houston Fire Department Honor Guard Message From The Commander

HFD Honor Guard Coordinator Warren Hooker

Welcome to the Official Houston Fire Department Honor Guard Website.

I would like to thank all the members of the HFD Honor Guard who have worked so hard lately by participating in and assisting with nearly 150 events in 2013. These included our own Line of Duty Death Memorials and Services to the assistance to Bryan, Texas; Prescott, Arizona; Dallas Fire Department and for the West Fire Department Funerals and Services and the National Memorial Services; as well as such events as HFD graduations and ceremonies.

The HFD Honor Guard would like to thank each and every firefighter, firefighter wife, son, mom, dad, daughter, girlfriend, and/or boyfriend who took time to go to Colorado Springs with us to honor our fallen in a place where they were immortalized in granite and will NEVER be forgotten! Thank you who praised the Honor Guard for a job well done. The 2014 IAFF Honor Guard had 1,057 members participating while placing 168 brothers and sisters on "The Wall Of Honor".

We continue to encourage members to help contribute through payroll deduction so we can once again represent the Houston Fire Department at the National Memorial Services this Fall. (See our donations link >>> for details.)

We also invite you to become a fan on our official facebook page at www.facebook.com/hfdhonoguard.


Warren Hooker
HFD Honor Guard Commander